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Sin City Ho!

July 25, 2008


It seems this infamous BDSM/Fantasy Club and I were not meant to meet 😦



As I wait with bated breath to board my first flight to Las Vegas, I can’t help but wonder what marvels await me in the infamous City of Sin. It’s really interesting what my friends have to say when I tell them about this trip. Nine times out of ten the conversation goes as follows:


Me: So I’m going to Vegas in X days!! I’m FREAKING OUT!
Friend: Nice! Who are you going with?

Me: My boyfriend.

Friend: You guys getting a hooker? Or hookers?


 My answer is always no but with each passing day I feel less and less sure about that “no.” When I ask myself “why not” the immediately response I come up with is “we won’t have enough time.” It makes me think that there are many layers of effects that living in a semi-puritanical society. Because dwelling on this issue further I come up with a myriad of other problems with purchasing a prostitute:


         it could be dirty, ew

         my friends will think I’m a slut, ugh

         someone I don’t want to find out will find out, oh noes


All valid concerns but all of  which could be applied to any other events of my sordid past that would include going to a BDSM club, sex in public, threeways and being bisexual.


So, after much consideration and some meaningful soul searching, I discovered the real reason why I won’t be indulging in hot prostitutes on my trip; it’s far too expensive and the ROI just isn’t worth it. I’m a cheap ass and this fact was one of the first solid personality traits I ever developed and discovered about myself. Case in point; the only reason I’m going to Vegas is because I found a deal, flight plus hotel, for four days for just under $300. As far as gambling, the ROI is just more tangible than screwing around with someone I don’t know. And I’ve decided that without time to invest with someone to accustom him/her to my incredibly specific desires, I only end up incredibly frustrated and figure that I just have better things to do.


 Living in big cities has done this to me but I hope that getting away for awhile will loosen the irrationally tight grip on my wallet if but for a few hours.