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A Quiet Evening At Home

January 22, 2009

Hosting M and his friends has left me…just spent. Financially, emotionally, mentally and certainly physically after 8 hours in DC cold. Ineeded everything to be simple and stress free to offset the tumultuous intensity of the energy of these past few days. Playful, carefree sex in a sea of every comforter and blanket I own really did the trick. M and I sank deep into pillows and made out like we did in high school – the giggly, wandering but purposeful kissing with both eyes open. I was warm and pretty and desperate for IT

I ended up cumming in the usual way – on my back, wrists held over my head, staring into his eyes, body writhing. It was what came next that was quite a surprise.

M told me to tie up his hands and to make him cum. I may have hesitated for a moment before getting right to it. I found that weird spot on the ear that really makes anyone shudder – I think he hates how quickly that works – and I teased it with my tongue while skimming my nails on his sides. Then I did something that I refer to as “threatening to fuck” otherwise known as teasing by poising myself just above his cock and occasionally dipping a bit down with the slightest sway of my hips. Fucking is always imminent at this point. But I persisted in kissing those spots on his neck and on his hips that usually I have no access to. He melted into blankets while the grip on his ties tightened and his feet arched. The fucking commenced Cow Girl style and ended kissing, untying and Radiohead.

I’m much better now.