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foxy friday

July 24, 2008

Got birth control troubles?  Don’t we all.

Consider IUDs.  ~$500 for device plus doctor visit and you’re set for the next 5-12 years.  Hard on the wallet in the short term, cost-effective in the long run.  And you don’t have to remember a daily pill, deal with an itchy patch, etc.

And in other news, it’s Friday, or it will be shortly.  Guess what that means…

Madame Hovary will very likely get laid after attending the theatre and imbibing a beer at the Harp and FIddle.  Aaaaand, her walls are thin.  And, she has yet to find a way to fuck discretely.

Her roommates are very gracious about it, but Mme. Hovary is attempting to remain on good terms with them for the duration of her yearlong lease.  Which probably precludes, you know, being a loud fuck.

With four people in the apt, it’s hard to wrangle an empty house, and Ms. Bovary is without a car.  Her main squeeze hasn’t a room of his own.  So my place is by default the den of sin.

Quiet sex is low fun, and probably means it’s not doing it for me.   So what to do?  Can’t I have my cake and eat it too?  Is a gag/dungeon the only solution?