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Cumming Soon: Italian Sex Art

September 2, 2008

Italian artist Carol Rama will exhibit her sex drawings and “bright abstractions” at Maccarone in New York City.  According to the new issue of New York magazine, the exhibit runs from Oct. 25 to Dec. 20.

Now in her nineties, Rama was apparently a muse for Man Ray and Andy Warhol.  Her work is rarely shown state-side.

This exhibit sounds badass.  Anyone need a New York vacation?  Check out her other work here:

Carol Rama, 1940

Carol Rama, 1940

Unrelated: I hope Dr. Nottibits and other contributors will send suggestions for spicing up a vanilla relationship.  The bruises and scratches are nice, but I feel like I’m still missing something.  Any advice?


My Glass Dildo ( Needs a Friend )

August 5, 2008

My “Juicer” Glass Dildo, complete with handle, may be the greatest sexual addition to my life next to my bf and since he’s learned to use it on me, I’ve found pure ecstasy.

Anyone who’s seen a collection of glass toys is immediately struck by the sparkle factor; each piece is truly a work of art and deserves a spinning platform-throne on which it can rest haughtily, holding a disdainful monocled eye to lesser toys. They come in all colors, all designs, shapes and sizes much like their silicone, jelly, and plastic cousins. But a certain something else finally convinced me to pick one out to take home.

I imagine most anyone who looks wants to take it home but is discouraged by the price. Mine set me back a mighty 85 bucks (my shopping buddy bought a $100 mega dildo so I didn’t feel so bad) – I AM A CHEAP PERSON but I spent this money because I had read and heard a lot about glass toys, especially the model I picked out. I hoped that this would replace everything else I have. And honestly, I have not so much as taken a second glance at my other toys since the glass one crossed the threshold.

So yes, you can heat it up or cool it down – I recommend doing this with water instead of the freezer or direct heat – and you can use any lube. There are no seams, so it slides into most orafices quite effortlessly and is terribly easy to clean. If you like more friction, you can add some accessories or buy a model like mine with lovely ridges that catches every lettered spot between the legs.

Bottom Line is….I’m going to get another one soon I think! The double ended Nexus Sr is a close second though.