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Crazy, Sexy Weekend, Part 3: “Naps”, Dinner & a Show

September 29, 2008


The weekend is officially over.

My pancake making was for naught. AJ and M slept well into the afternoon…well sort of. Occasionally M might wake up to caress AJ while she slept and we’d rub her down a bit before going back to whatever (me cooking). I burnt quite a few pancakes due to these interruptions, they came out good anyway! They had planned to leave at noon so M could join a soccer game. Nope. We planned to go out for sushi at 2…then 3. Nope. We slept all nestled in each other until 5 pm, at which point, I had to shove em out to make sure M met with a dinner date. SexyLazyfest 2008!

Anyway, I had a dinner date of my own. The couple I met two weeks ago offered to take me out to dinner where I had a spectacular corn tamale and fajitas. We went to their place and snuggled under a giant comforter to watch Deception – a tolerable movie that tricks you into watching it by having an anonymous sex club as a plot device. At the welcomed conclusion of the movie, we all slowly transitioned to fondling and sucking and fucking. The real show was watching them fuck each others’ brains out, an experience enhanced with giant wall mirrors. Are ceiling mirrors still tacky? I’m very much wanting them now.

Sweet, sweet slumber tonight alone in my bed is such a comforting thought. I still recharge from me-time and I think this blog is helping with that too.


Alternative Sexuality Carnival: Posts About Sex in the Media and More!

September 1, 2008

This is our first blog carnival edition and the topic is Sex in the Media followed by some other articles related to alternative sexuality. I should mention that the views in these posts don’t necessarily reflect those of Madame and myself.  Enjoy!

Sex in the Media

Nara presents Why Some People Choose Divorce After Infidelity posted at Surviving Infidelity
“If you’ve recently been the victim of an unfaithful spouse,you’ve probably been inundated with stories of couples who have reconciled and moved on with their lives.”

Relax presents Should we tolerate homosexuality, transsexuality and adult incest? posted at The Wise Curve “I wish this post will spawn a healthy and highly interactive discussion.”

Indian presents 5 Marriage Compatibility Essentials posted at DecisionCare
“Marriage Compatibility is viewed essential for happy marriage life. There are five essentials that every love match and soul mate must know and follow.”

Some Other Sex Posts

Alex Smith presents 50 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe from Sexual Assault posted at TBO-TECH

Woman Tribune presents The Multi-Orgasmic Man Part 1 posted at Woman Tribune

Alex Smith presents Top 7 Ways to Prevent Thieves from Ever Victimizing You posted at TBO-TECH

Kelly Sonora presents Top 50 Sexpert Blogs posted at The Love Coach

Anmol Mehta presents Ultimate Tantra Yoga Technique to Raise Sexual Energy posted at Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment and Kundalini Yoga
“Powerful Tantra Yoga Technique to build your sexual energy.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition, Fetish and Erotica, before the end of September to be a part of the next carnival!

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.