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Warning: Glass Dildos Can Break

January 26, 2009

I am so so sad right now.

I was screwin’ around and not taking care of my best toy and I paid the ultimate price…twice actually. The first time, the handle broke clean off and I moved on. Tonight, but a week later from the first incident, a good chunk broke off from falling from my bed to the hardwood floor. I nearly convinced myself it was still good until I noticed the crystal blade formed on the corner of my beloved toy and realized that broken glass in my soft girly parts isn’t where I wanna take chances.

The real problem is that the toy was hand made and my attempts to find a similar toy have been fruitless. I swear I nearly wept a few minutes ago. So, so sad.




My Christmas List (PG-13 to XXX only)

December 3, 2008

Firstly, here are some items I highly recommend:

Bondage tape: It’s so colorful and although green is suspiciously elusive, redredtape2 and white can be combined for a candy cane effect that can turn anyone into a neatly tied package. I guess Christmas themed condoms will do the trick if you need to match. (Around $7 to $12)

Chocolate Whipped Cream: Sure it’s kind of cliche but have you tasted the chocolate? ($3 – $5)

Body Paint: I prefer the soap kind that washes off in the shower such as the Sesame Street Bubble Bath Finger Paint that way you can wash/paint hair, backs and genitals with no fear of staining, flaking or peeling. ($7 – $9)

And now some things I want:

The Edy “Glam Santa” Corset: I could totally wear this with jeans, right? glamsanta1

Mini Pink Clover Clamps: Probably nothing like the steely traps I’ve encountered but they’re just so damned cute


Lipstick Vibrator: I don’t even masturbate with vibes but I really like toys that think they’re something else ( see: Sex Toy or Household Object Quiz) even so much that I might try em out again- I’ve been trying to get Rae to get one but to no avail.

It’s hard not to get greedy with all these splendid things around…and on sale.


Erotic Holiday Gift Ideas

December 2, 2008

Only 22 more days, people! Time to scramble for something fun, colorful and sexy? You could settle with a Rabbit or fuzzy handcuffs but  I suggest using these erotic gift lists to get you brainstorming.

Top Five Sexy Holiday Gift Ideas   Range: $50 – $800, Source: The Examiner 

This is a very nice list if you have the money for it. All the items are very interesting, the custom paddles caught my eye – I mean who wouldn’t want their name or special message spanked onto their partner’s ass?!

5 Super Sexy Gift Ideas Range: $25 – $130, Source: Your Tango

The list fits my budget a bit better and has some fun-inducing toys. I’m somewhere between the Mini Mile High Kit and the Cheekies undies. Hmmm. 

Erotic Coffee Table Books Range: $25 – $50, Source:

I guess this is good if you’re a sexy book nerd like me. You’ll find that books like this will be browsed through by every guest and followed up with “This is interesting…” and “Wow”

Luxury Sex Toy Gifts for the Holidays Range: $60 – $280, Source:

I guarantee there’s at least one item on this list that you’ve never seen before. If it’s not the the Tuyo vibrating orb then it might be the prostate melting Rude Boy or Designer Silver Wrist Cuffs. These seem like the kind of gifts that would make for an unforgettable Christmas.

Naughty But Nice Gift Ideas: Range: ($1.99 – $60:, Source:

This one is more generic, more PG-13 but I like some of the items as potential stocking stuffers for more vanilla friends.

If I find any other nifty lists, I’ll be sure to add them.


I also get tons of emails about holiday sales and such:

Extreme Restraints: 25% off EVERYTHING – 20% at checkout and 5% rebate for the next purchase (maybe Valentine’s Day?). Good through the 16th. Code: xmas08

EdenFantasys, Boys Like Sex Toys Too : 20% off select toys for him. Good through the 4th so hurry up!! Code:GIFTFORHIM.

Adam and Eve: 50% off one item. No expiration date as far as I can tell. Code: blue


Armpit Fetish Part II, Also I Just Bought a Ton of Sex Toys

August 11, 2008

As I’m sure you’re all waiting with bated breath for the conclusion of my armpit sexcapade, I’ll just say that nothing came of it. Here I was in the heat of the moment, practically begging my bf to engage in some underarm play of sorts and he wouldn’t have it. Then I explained some of the facts I found on this fetish and with a chuckle we decided to give it a go.

Of course there was a problem, my armpits were so ticklish that no sort of penetrative action would even be attempted. Like with my ticklish neck I tried to turn the laughs off for the sake of sexual excitement but with no luck. Oh well, don’t let my experience discourage you!

On the plus side, I felt an overwhelming need to drop an obscene amount of money on new sex toys. I bought my co-author a jelly, vibrating cock ring and some Pink brand lube for watching my fish. And for myself I bought the following objects:

Multi-use vibrating jelly cock ring

This is a pretty decent product – I bought it mostly for my beau since vibrating doesn’t do much for me. He liked it a lot and it actually did me some good when paired with his apadravya piercing. He told me that it was interesting, comfortable and only disappointing in that it didn’t get me off right away (aw…?)

Vibrating clitoral and vaginal pump

I love suction in general, it wakes up all the little nerves wherever it is and sends chills down my back that somehow work their way to my lady regions. So, this toy made perfect sense for me to buy and it’s not bad – the suction is good but you have to have an air tight area of skin to begin with which can be hard to manage if you’re really enjoying the moment.

Jelly, purple double ended dildo (I hate the word dong)

I’m pretty sure the diameter is 2+ inches which is too big for my tastes – otherwise I love the sensation that the pure jelly gives – vibes tend to be filled with machinery and silicone just isn’t the same.

Pink lube

I only bought a sample amount of this stuff but I’ll definitely buy more when I get the funds for it. There’s a nice slippery, not-too-viscous quality that is just delightful.

Bondage Tape

Haven’t opened this one yet but there shouldn’t be any surprises. Bondage tape is just one of the best things around and for some reason reminds me of Legos in its versatility and color diversity. I’ve worn the tape as a dress and a shirt and it’s great for tying someone up if you’re not so skilled or patient in the rope tying department.

I’ll add more links as I match the toys up with online counterparts. And Pink has inspired me to try the wide world of lubes that’s out there. I hear Eros is a decent one.

Here’s a list of some extremely expensive, fancy sex toys brought to you by


My Glass Dildo ( Needs a Friend )

August 5, 2008

My “Juicer” Glass Dildo, complete with handle, may be the greatest sexual addition to my life next to my bf and since he’s learned to use it on me, I’ve found pure ecstasy.

Anyone who’s seen a collection of glass toys is immediately struck by the sparkle factor; each piece is truly a work of art and deserves a spinning platform-throne on which it can rest haughtily, holding a disdainful monocled eye to lesser toys. They come in all colors, all designs, shapes and sizes much like their silicone, jelly, and plastic cousins. But a certain something else finally convinced me to pick one out to take home.

I imagine most anyone who looks wants to take it home but is discouraged by the price. Mine set me back a mighty 85 bucks (my shopping buddy bought a $100 mega dildo so I didn’t feel so bad) – I AM A CHEAP PERSON but I spent this money because I had read and heard a lot about glass toys, especially the model I picked out. I hoped that this would replace everything else I have. And honestly, I have not so much as taken a second glance at my other toys since the glass one crossed the threshold.

So yes, you can heat it up or cool it down – I recommend doing this with water instead of the freezer or direct heat – and you can use any lube. There are no seams, so it slides into most orafices quite effortlessly and is terribly easy to clean. If you like more friction, you can add some accessories or buy a model like mine with lovely ridges that catches every lettered spot between the legs.

Bottom Line is….I’m going to get another one soon I think! The double ended Nexus Sr is a close second though.