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I want it all

October 12, 2009

I’m in a sticky situation…it’s better than where I was but more complicated now.

M made it to me, he works an hour away and when we get together the sex is fantastic. He directs and controls and holds me when it’s needed then he holds me and kisses my forehead playfully other times. He loves me so much and I know that he flew half way around the world to be with me.

Just before he got here, though, I made a close friend with whom I get along better than even the last guy. He’s introverted and sarcastic and interesting and, worse, he’s kinky. Being an introvert and non-scene type, it’s refreshing to meet similar types as we tend to keep to ourselves. Isn’t it already a small miracle to meet someone you click with? When you both exclaim that “I like that too!!” and “I can’t believe you know about..!!” For me, when that discovery of kink happens occurs naturally in a conversation I immediately fall into lust. That feeling is overwhelming and has a scary kind of permanence in my life; it creates a bond with the person that never really goes away..thank god it’s only happened about twice, well, now thrice. So, I’m tempted to explore this budding relationship but I should dedicate those efforts to M, who needs my support and love here.

While I’m sure I can maintain relationships with both openly, I know that engaging the new guy could create some conflict in the future. I just don’t see it going anywhere positive. And can I really complain about just sticking with M? He need barely to touch me to draw out intense orgasms; the ends of our sessions usually have me begging him to stop forcing me to orgasm over and over. The immense control he has over me sexually gives way to constant doting and concern outside the bedroom. Still…I want to know what I’m missing. I’m just being greedy, I think. Maybe.


I love this strip tease. It’s probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.


Catch Up

August 13, 2009

It’s been forever since I posted and I’m content to get started up again now. I’m pretty sure I’m going to load up future posts with quotes, sexy photos I love and news until I get back into the swing of things.

Quote: “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” – Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A Heinlein

Sexy photo:

Part of me can’t enjoy this photo because I see that she’s using some oil for cooking those sausages – while I accept the euphemism, I worry for the impending vegetable oil burns.

As for news, there’s been a ton since I last posted yet I can only recall an (old-ish) episode of Oprah earlier this week where she addressed female masturbation with Dr Laura Berman. A mother called in concerned for her four year old daughter who had begun masturbating and was breathing heavily and had a fast heart rate while doing so. Maybe not so much concerned…the woman seemed absolutely terrified. Dr. Laura light heartedly responded that the child was simply self-soothing, coming to orgasm and to let her be unless the masturbation was done to excess. I was already impressed but then the doctor went on to say that the lesson on masturbation moderation was a perfect time to talk about how the girl’s genitalia should be special to her and should be kept private (but aren’t dirty in any way)  AND to come to the mother if anyone touched them.

This is the quality of information that will stay in my head forever. Oh, Dr. Laura, how I aspire to your wisdom and open-minded philosophies!

I hope that’s good enough for now.


Kissing and Telling (with sweaty kisses)

March 28, 2009

Oddly enough, I’ve been too busy having sex to post about it.

Nothing unusual for the most part; fucking lots, cumming lots, then silly post coitus discourse. I’m the one most affected but I wonder how common the giddy high is, and maybe I’m starting to suspect that it’s from the asphyxiation. Anyway,

Living with M is about equal parts pros and cons. Outside of the occasional sleepovers, I’ve never shared a bed with anyone and am clearly not used to it. The other night I found myself boiling over in silent rage as, next to me, M twisted, snored, and talked at me in his sleep. He also has a habit of feeling me up in his sleep which is sexy if I’m around 5% awake but utterly terrifying if I’ve already slipped into the REM sleep. I’m pretty sure I decked him for cuddling with me in the middle of the night which is about as startling a wake up call as I can imagine but he just Harumpfed and went to back to sleep.

There are, however, the little gems that make it all worthwhile. Everytime I change into M’s favorite fetishwear (pajama pants), he becomes very anxious to get it on and the passion with which he pursues this endeavor is something like a mad fury to grab at all my sensitive bits, sink his nails and teeth into the less sensitive ones, and really just fuck away. M is also elated to have me around so that he can shave me whenever he wants with ample time to prep and get all the nooks and crannies (all while maintaining a rock hard erection).  It’s funny and convenient that we share something of a hair removal fetish.

We still haven’t used much of anything in the toy box although I am counting on a non-stop, furied fuckfest later today…

This photo is unfortunately very reminiscent of M and I’s sessions. I hate sweat…it’s gross and clingy and not my thing. The really unfortunate part is that recently M mentioned how he just adores the smell and taste of my sweat, he likes the way it makes my skin look AND when we jokingly discussed sweat as a seasoning for food his laughs were NOT convincingly enough in a derisive tone.


Photo: passionate F*CK

March 10, 2009

The passionate fuck I needed and deserved finally found me ver the weekend. Initially, M seemed pretty annoyed with the reintroduction of condoms (Atlas this time) but he didn’t seem to have any real trouble reacquainting himself with em. We got back into anal sex and I orgasmed myself into a monstrous, asphyxiation induced headache.


Tyra and Bisexuality and and TWINS and I LOVE YOU TWO

January 24, 2009

With the weather being just a bit unbearable lately, I’ve found myself watching Tyra during my lunch406px-fendi06 break during the week. Frankly, the woman drives me insane with some of the most superficial approaches to …well, just about everything. However, her tacky, ignorant comments stand in stark contrast to some of the pertinent, weighty issues she addresses on her show.

This past week seemed to have a trend in homo- and bisexuality – yesterday it was bisexuality and whether it’s real or bogus. Dr. Drew Pinsky and Andy Dick made an appearance (as well as a not so subtle shameless plug for some VH1 show) along with three pairs of identical twins*, and the group attempted to reach a conclusion on what constitutes bisexuality. Now, Andy Dick relating himself to King Kong, while hilarious, was completely irrelevant. But then they got to the twins…which in a way had some relevance to scientific study and the supposed “bi” gene (???) and Tyra completely butchered the interviews by first insinuating that the bi individuals were gay and then goading her audience to think the same. Lord have sweet mercy, I just wanted to end her.

But for all the ending of her that I craved, I started to understand the issue when Dr. Drew expanded on the complexities involved with defining bisexuality. He has found that indeed some people do use bisexuality to graduate into homosexuality and some are just experimenting and for all the spaces in between there is a huge spectrum in the types of bisexuals there are. I guess that’s really what Tyra was getting at if not in the least tactful way imaginable. ANYwho. I can’t stay mad at her – that spectrum does make it tough for Tyra to get a clear understand ing of bi peoples. Indeed that spectrum is the reason most bisexuals I know choose not to be labeled, not because they’re hipster-indie trash in denial but because the word “bi” just doesn’t cut it. I always have to give a disclaimer when I use it – Yes, I’m bi but I generally prefer women and don’t pursue guys – sexually I’m all about women, men are kind of like a fetish, they’re great for BDSM and blah blah blah. M and I had a terribly rough start because of this.

So, what’s to be learned from this episode of Tyra? When people say they’re bi, try not to judge them – in fact no back talk is necessary for such a statement – because, unless you’re Dr Drew, chances are you don’t know their sexuality better than them.

*One pair was the Ikki twins of Double Shot at Love fame. Do not watch this show. Not ever. I don’t care who you are, you will lose respect for women, men, bisexuals, MTV, and yourself by watching this show. I have 😦


A Quiet Evening At Home

January 22, 2009

Hosting M and his friends has left me…just spent. Financially, emotionally, mentally and certainly physically after 8 hours in DC cold. Ineeded everything to be simple and stress free to offset the tumultuous intensity of the energy of these past few days. Playful, carefree sex in a sea of every comforter and blanket I own really did the trick. M and I sank deep into pillows and made out like we did in high school – the giggly, wandering but purposeful kissing with both eyes open. I was warm and pretty and desperate for IT

I ended up cumming in the usual way – on my back, wrists held over my head, staring into his eyes, body writhing. It was what came next that was quite a surprise.

M told me to tie up his hands and to make him cum. I may have hesitated for a moment before getting right to it. I found that weird spot on the ear that really makes anyone shudder – I think he hates how quickly that works – and I teased it with my tongue while skimming my nails on his sides. Then I did something that I refer to as “threatening to fuck” otherwise known as teasing by poising myself just above his cock and occasionally dipping a bit down with the slightest sway of my hips. Fucking is always imminent at this point. But I persisted in kissing those spots on his neck and on his hips that usually I have no access to. He melted into blankets while the grip on his ties tightened and his feet arched. The fucking commenced Cow Girl style and ended kissing, untying and Radiohead.

I’m much better now.


Christmas Light Bondage Part II

January 8, 2009

With a little bit of digging I found that lots of people have gone out and taken some nice Christmas light bondage photos.

There were lots out there of arguably raunchier scenes (Santa has no place here) but these five were my favorites.

Vania_bRachel Sian




Also, where are all the guys bound in Christmas lights photos? Am I asking too much?