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Guys Gone Wild – What Straight Women Crave (??)

August 3, 2008

Last night my friends ( two girls and a guy) and I decided to watch the original Guys Gone Wild. I didn’t know what to expect; having seen a number of Girls Gone Wild movies I wondered what ultimately dissatisfying softcore teases would await me with regards to college guys. To my amazement, the Guys Gone Wild movie mirrored the Girls version almost EXACTLY:

– Guys bared their chests and asses usually in the shower while soaping up their [flaccid] genitals

– The camerawomen goaded shit-housed, fairly reluctant guys to do whatever they wanted them to with little to no incentive

– Streaking, drunken yells, dancing, drinking, shotty camerawork, “WOOO CANCUN WOOOO” were all ..yeah you get the picture.

The one thing missing however was the homosexual interaction, a near signature part of any GirlsGW movie. So, we waited like fools for men to make out – it got really close at some points – but it never happened. We were briefly entertained by drunken ramblings, half assed meatspin attempts and a handstand but eventually had to look elsewhere for decent entertainment (we later turned to Puppetry of the Penis, porn bloopers and

Maybe I’m not boy crazy or straight enough, but I just can’t imagine any woman getting turned on by these videos. They aren’t particularly insightful, voyeuristic or rare visions, which I think is the idea behind GirlsGW; I know for a fact that most [American] college guys would be willing to show their goods sans alcohol, any incentive whatsoever or shame. It’s also likely that I’m uncomfortable with this kind of objectification of men in porn probably due to the fact that’s it’s tough to come by elsewhere. Men on the other end of leashes, whips, and verbal abuse don’t rub me the wrong way like camerawomen lying to them (oh you’re SO HOT, yum, etc) to get them to strip.

Maybe when I’m older I’ll long for the time frat boys were willing to drunkenly drop trou’ for me. Maybe.

In my heart though I know the Girl’s Gone Wild people made this to diffuse some of the concerns on the company’s objectification/mistreatment/disrespect of women.