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Hiding Spreader Bars, How to

January 4, 2009

After having large, cumbersome spreader bars and no dungeon for quite a long time, I thought I’d post how I’ve managed to keep them out of my parents’ and others’ view.

I had two of these things in my college half-a-closet dorm room that I occasionally had to share with a roommate (I could never really keep roomies around…) The problem with spreader bars is to keep them readily available but ….out of sight. So I attached them to the ends of my bed and hung towels and washcloths on em. I would think that anyone who has to pay for the things would want a dual use for em and boy did I find it.

Now I keep them in my room, hanging from my curtain rod covered in a great number of fashion scarves. My mom came to visit me recently and I swear she asked me to make her one in dark red (mine’s Kelly green). Oh, did I laugh….

In the past I’ve used longer bars as curtain rods and as a hanger for some mobiles I’ve made.

Before long, my room will just be a front for an intricate weaving of spreader bars into beds, cabinets, and lamps. One can only hope.