The Erotica Workshop

To get the ….creative juices flowing, I’d like to present The Erotica Workshop where I present a very vague series of events devoid of adjectives, soundscapes, scenery, dialogue and anything interesting and whoever wants to make it interesting can add whatever to enhance the erotic nature of the story. I think a good rule is to keep all of the words of the original story intact in one color with additions in another color. Who knows, here we go.

She met him there. He was different. They danced. She went to the bathroom. They left. They stopped in a parking lot. He took her home. They kissed.

Even the addition of a single word is welcome and I encourage multiple contributions to be made. Create away!

One comment

  1. She met him at Burger King. Karen knew he was different-his stoic visage, genteel manner-it all lent an air of importance. Gently, he took her hand and pressed her body into his. They danced across the freshly mopped tiles, a sort of floating waltz, while customers and cashiers stared alike.

    They locked eyes, and Karen was struck by his mysterious, blank gaze. Could she detect a hint of desire, or was she being misled by her own desperate needs?

    Overwhelmed and flushed with excitement, Karen wordlessly rushed to the bathroom. She wondered at the mirror, “Why did he pick me?” He was obviously a man of great stature, likely born into an aristocratic world of privilege and chivalry. And she, well she was just a poor girl from Ohio, hardly enough money in her wallet to afford shopping at Walmart or even eating at a Burger King.

    Karen composed herself, flattening her hair and straightening the wrinkles in her skirt. Ready to face this intriguing suitor once more, she pushed open the door. Immediately though, she was taken aback. The man was waiting there with his searing stare. He offered his hand to Karen. Unsure but very curious, she slid her fingers across his white glove and they made their way to the exit in silence.

    He practically pulled her across the parking lot-it was difficult to match his great, bounding stride. They stopped at a sleek black car with silver trim. It conveyed power and prestige, but in an elegant manner. The man swept over to her side and opened the door. Karen nervously tucked herself inside.

    They drove for what seemed like an eternity. Karen was hypnotized by the passing pavement, absorbed in her thoughts, “Where are we going, what is he going to do?” She knew though. She wanted him, needed him, but was too afraid to admit it.

    The car halted abruptly. Karen lifted her gaze and was awestruck by the sight of a towering palace, with hundreds of windows lit with a golden hue. But there was little time to admire its beauty. The man had already rushed to her side and, sliding his arms under her body, scooped Karen out of the car. He carried her across the grounds at a hurried pace. Karen felt protected in his strong arms, which only strengthened her desire for him.

    Heaving his back into the heavy bronze doors, he swept Karen into the palace. There was a blur of marble, silver, and gold as he bounded up the twisting staircase. Karen hardly noticed though, she was so distracted by the determined gaze of her suitor. She hugged him tightly, pressing as much of her body as she could against his.

    At the height of the stairs, he couldn’t wait any longer. The man carefully let Karen down, back resting against a marble column. He rested his crown on a nearby table and began gently caressing the nape of her neck. Karen delighted at the tingle of his fingertips. He pushed her against the column and she thrusted weakly against his pin. Karen looked upward and melted into his deep, probing gaze. Suddenly, they locked lips. She exalted at the force of his tongue, but broke apart their kiss. “Wait,” she breathlessly whispered.”Put your crown back on.”

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